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Mahadi Veronica : On behalf of young and the old and all races, i would like to thank u Ro and Mo for the spiritual guidance… it helps us to nurture our kindness, love and intergrity towards our fellow human being…hope u prosper in health, wealth and spirituality…

Marsha Sharapova: PS Wish you were bigger around the world; your message is strong stuff. it needs to get to everybody!!! Let me know if you ever need some volunteers. XXXX
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World of Ro and Mo :Hello Marsha, Strong medicine is needed for a very deeply wounded world.
“The harvest is truly plentiful and many workers are needed.”
Write to romo@roandmo.co.uk for any suggestions and ideas. They will be greatly appreciated.
And Marsha, thank you.

Danimal Snelling your very helpful but i have 1 last question…
is sex important in a relationship?
02 September at 15:00 · Comment · Like · Report
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World of Ro and Mo: It was with great pleasure God (love) created us, and that great pleasure can be experienced by us through sex to the point of even creating new life ourselves. Sex is not necessary to love another, it is only as important as one makes it. Eg. You love your parents, brothers and sisters without sex, so can you love your partner without sex. Sex can be bought for pleasure but love cannot be bought.
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Danimal Snelling: So what is the meaning of love?
how do you mean… that me and my partner should depend on eachother when we need too?
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World of Ro and Mo: Love is knowing yourself and not your ego. Unless you know yourself you cannot love another. When you know yourself you will realize that you are love and your ego is a false personality of yourself. Then you will not be in love. You will be love; and know the meaning of love. But to get to know yourself you need to depend on others and others on you. Love is life and life is INTERDEPENDENCE. Not dependance or independence. Wish you and your partner serendipity.
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Danimal Snelling if your so good on love… how do i show my partner how much i care 4 her?
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World of Ro and Mo: Danimal, why do you want to show your partner how much you care for her? Your two hands are partners, held together- coordinated and directed by you- their God. Does your right hand need to show your left hand how much it cares? So are you and your partner, and God (love) will direct you both. The most important aspect of any relationship is learning about yourself. Other people are like mirrors, they reflect to you what you are and what you are not. One day you will know yourself, and thus know others well enough to love them for what they are, and they will love you for what you are. You cannot expect anyone to love you, nor can anyone make you love them. If you can, love all. But never expect all to love you. Love is not a show, it is when two or more persons exist in synchronicity and are like breathing for each other, One Soul in Two or More bodies. That is love. Anything else is not love, they are just arrangements and agreements to be indepependent and or dependent partners.

Kishore Diwase Hi Ro n Mo.!
Is it single individual or twin like.( On ur profile photo). Sorry this is 1st time interacting u so….Is Ro n Mo reflecting Good n Evil of a person! a bipolar? Ok.. Ro n Mo! let me know when n how a middle class mentality will get rid of LOVEX menace.I invented this acronym cauz orthox set traditional hype never dare to saggarigate basically LOVE from SEX. What r d interventions u suggest to such class so that they agree that Love n Sex r entirely different phenomena so not to make a colloidal solution in mindset primafacie.Take Care n keep smiling .- Kishore Diwase, Sr Journalist, Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh.
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World of Ro and Mo: Hi Kishore, It is twin like! lol.
If God is Love, then love was not created. Love is the creator of everything; including sex and the middle classes. If God is Love, Sex is the ultimate experience of God in the physical. Since most of us are still quite physical and have not reached the state of pure spirit (Pure Love), we are experiencing God (Love) through sex. Knowing this, God designed our bodies to produce children through sex, so we can experience “Godness” of parenting; so we might understand what responsibilities God has and may grow up to be like God. When Buddha became enlightened, he gave up the wife, children and sex, because he acquired something far more worthwhile than anything we could possibly acquire in the physical. The poor in the world have more children than the upper and middle classes; does that mean the poor love children more? While we believe we have to “serve” God, we seek servants, and the poor also want want to feel like God!
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Mahadi Veronica: thanx Ro n Mo for inlightening us..

World of Ro and Mo:  Man struggles to live in concrete jungles but demands natural products. Man loves nature but thinks it’s wild to live naturally. Man fights for peace although fighting is not peace. Man fights for love although fighting is not love. Man competes for love but love is not competing. Naturally Man loves and lives to compete and fight and wish for world peace.
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Ihaf Nye-Sairoh:  Ro and Mo, you are fab.
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Nandhini Bojappen: great

Meoshie Pleasant:  Thank you Ro and Mo… Thank you for sharing the words of wisdom from God that is the light within both of you… I send love to you both